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good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> automatic allison payne. we welcome our viewers watching us around the country on wgn america. and we begin with some breaking news. former president jimmie carter has been hospitalized. according to the associated press, president carter experienced an unknown health issue on a flight to cleveland. he had been transferred to metro health hospital in cleveland or has been. no word on his condition. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. our other top story, she was disfigured by an acid attack two years ago. today she is ready to face her accused attackers in court.
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wgn's muriel clair is live at cook county criminal court with that story. >> reporter: good afternoon. acid victim espiranza medina is in the courthouse. she is waiting to be called into the courtroom. she in earlier interviews this week promised she would wear a black dress. a black sleeveless dress and she is wearing one with cut low in the back and cut low in the front. so that her scars are in full display for the two women who allegedly planned the assault on her that caused her to be disfigured for life. espiranza medina is the prosecution's star witness. and they are holding her to last. meantime, as testimony in the case from detectives and assistant states attorneys and others connected with the investigation continues, judge nicholas ford's seventh floor courtroom is filling up in
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anticipation of the testimony this afternoon. the defendants, 60-year-old ofelia garcia and 37-year-old maria olvera garcia sit quietly at the defense table. a translator sitting between the two women translates for overra garcia. maria overra garcia and ofelia garcia both are charged with heinous battery facing up to 45 years in prison. and prosecutors say espiranza medina was dating a man who had intimate relationships with both defendants and the assault on medina was jealousy driven. i'm live at criminal courthouse, muriel clair, wgn news. and 11-year-old boy is recovering from gunshot wounds he suffered at a friend's house. nicholas davis was shot in the stomach and arm at 61 and marshfield. wgn's nancy loo is live at comer childrens hospital with the latest on his condition. nancy, what can you tell us? >> well, steve, we can tell you
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11-year-old nicholas davis remains in critical condition. he is being treated for at least two gunshot wounds. he had gone over to a friend's house yesterday only to leave in an ambulance last night. it's still not clear what led up to the shooting at around 11:30 in the home along the 6100 block of south marshfield in west englewood. nicholas davis play there had often, but this morning people at the home did not want to talk about the shooting or where the weapon came from. they reportedly told police the boy somehow shot himself. a family friend of nicholas davis says one of the bullets went through his liver. >> he is 11 years old. someone just spoke to me yesterday, hey, tammy. and to know this happened it hurts me. hurts my heart. and i can't understand it. >> sadly, the boy's older
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brother germane is at illinois masonic hospital today. he was shot in the head in uptown over a week ago and has undergone a series of surgeries and we are hearing their mother is pretty distraught. she is shuttling between the two hospitals as her oldest and her youngest sons undergo surgeries due to gun violence. we are live in hyde park, nancy loo, wgn news. thank you. after enduring an unusual spike in gas prices, chicagoans are finally seeing savings at the gas pump. prices shot up earlier this month thanks to an oil leak in romeoville. now that pipeline is fixed. the average price for a gallon of regular gas has dropped 6 cents in the past week. analysts say prices may fall another 15 cents by the end of the year. many state and local governments struggle to come up with another money to pay their bills officials in suburban schaumburg may be about to cut taxes. schaumburg didn't even have a
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property tax until last year. now the village board is set to vote tonight to reduce the 2010 property tax levy by more than 10%. sales and hotel revenues are higher than expected. if the proposal passes, garbage fees and vehicle stickers could be eliminated. a second candidate is officially joined race for chicago mayor. >> he is political insider and tapped by mayor daley to hold various city posts over the years. wgn's robert jordan is here with more. >> right. you know, so many people are planning to run for mayor of chicago that their names could fill a small town phone book. some of them don't stand a chance and will fall by the wayside. but others like injury -- gary chico, chairman of the city colleges of chicago could go all the way. >> i'm running for mayor. i'm running for mayor. >> instead of an elaborate kick off party to make his mayoral intentions known, gary chico, a quiet political insider has decided to join the herd of
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mayoral hopefuls wanting to replace mayor richard daley. chico is putting together all of the elements to run an effective campaign. >> we put together already our campaign apparatus. we are busily collecting petitions. i might add there is a very excited response to our campaign. we are raising money at a very, very healthy rate. >> chico says he has spent years in city hall working with mayor daley which gives him a head start on the other candidates. he says he knows where to trim the fat and retain the lean program and know city hall better than any other candidate. >> most people would tell you i was mayor daley's most effective chief of staff. i was able to not only work with police and fire and sanitation, but work on paving streets, building sidewalks, libraries, police stayings, fire stations and communities throughout chicago. >> but with chicago facing massive debt making it difficult to balance the
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budget, what could chico do to correct the seemingly unfixable problem? >> have i done it before. in 1995 when the mayor sent me over to the chicago public schools, their budget deficit and crisis was every bit the same as the city of chicago's. we straightened that out. when i came to the chicago public schools, our cumulative budget deficit projection was $1.3 million. when i left, we had a surplus of $350 million. and while chico no doubt will be a formidable candidate, without money, he couldn't get his message out to the public. >> it's going to take millions of dollars. i won't put a magic figure on it but i think if you aren't raising four or five million dollars you are fooling yourself. >> can you do that? >> yes, have i done it before. when i ran for the united states senate in 2004 we raised about $4.5 million. >> reporter: and with a list of candidates growing every day, what does chico think will set him apart from the pack? >> i'm the most qualified candidate to do this job.
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>> reporter: and with two hispanic candidates mentioned as running, miguel del valle and luis gutierrez. chico says he has support all over the city and plans to run as a candidate for all of chicago. and having spent several years as chief of staff for mayor daley, chico knows people from all waukegan of life. he doesn't foresee having problems raising money and has -- is already running hard and says that he is in it to the end. >> not really a surprise. >> yes. he has been off the radar for a lot of people but he has been quietly behind the scenes and insiders in city hall know him. all of them. >> a candidate to watch. >> sure is. we could find out as soon as friday whether rahm emanuel will be leaving the white house to run for mayor of chicago. three democratic sowsheses -- sources close to emanuel are telling cnn he is all but certain to run. another source tells "chicago tribune" no final decision has been made yet but friends say it is highly likely he will leave his post as white house
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chief of staff sometime in october. emanuel has been meeting with political leaders and other potential candidates since mayor daley announced he will not seek election. former illinois senate president jones confirms some of his friends and supporters have started gathering signatures on nominating petitions to enable him to run for mayor. jones mentored president obama before he joined the senate. at age 47 he admits conditions would have to be just right in his words for him to seek the mayor's office. >> chicagoans have a lot to celebrate today. the bears are now 3-0 following their could from behind victory over the green bay packers last night. >> what a game it was. they have the best record in the nfc and are tied for the best record in the nfl. they won 20-17 after forcing a fum blg and kicking a game winning field goal. wgn's randy belesomo is live now at michigan and whacker with more than gauging fan reaction there. >> good afternoon. not many fans expected this kind of start. bears are the only undefeated team in the nfc and this city
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is enjoying it while it lasts. >> it's good at directing a 3-4 defense as there is out there. >> reporter: the phone lines have been all tied up this tuesday morning at espn1000 as waddle and silvi celebrate the monsters at the midway. bear's arch rivals were regarded as one of the top contenders. but chicago prevailed on the league's biggest regular season stage. monday night football. fans are feeling confident after jay cutler threw for 225- yards and brian urlacher forced a key fumble. more exciting is that devin hester looks like he is back and ready to play after that 62- yard punt return. silvi says that is one of the most pleasant surprises after three disappointing seasons. >> ever since the bears were on top of the mountaintop, they were -- they made wrong decisions. they signed wrong guys and had mediocre play. so after three years and a bad pre-season, it looked like it
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set up a team that was going to be under 500 and out of the playoffs. now if you start 3-0, 78% of the team's make the playoffs. so maybe you print the tickets. >> fans have a short week to recover and get ready for sunday night football when the bears head east to take on the new york giants. i'm live downtown, randy belesomo, wgn news. thank you. more bears highlights and we will hear from players coming up later in sports. and also the coach who once led the bears to a super bowl victory. mike ditka. here to talk about last night's game and his new book on the power house that was the '85 bears. >> plus, the latest on rising flood waters in wisconsin. >> and the surprising results of the new study on texting and driving. bonnie, turn up the volume. your baby sister has something to say. this intervention brought to you by niaspan.
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an update on breaking news. former president jimmie carter has been hospitalized. according to the associated press, carter became ill while on a flight to cleveland. er teams treatedded him at the airport before rushing him to the hospital. he was transferred to metro health hospital in cleveland. no word on his condition. president carter who was the 39th president of the united states was scheduled to do a book signing in ohio. he will turn 86 years old on friday. police in new jersey have charged two men in the fatal shooting of a seton hall university student. it took place late friday night half a mile from the seton hall campus. police say the suspect had been kicked out of a party. he later returned with a gun. one woman, a 19-year-old honors student was killed. four others were injured. police arrested suspect at home at his home just a few doors
12:15 pm
down from where the shooting took place. second man is also charged but police have yet to take him into custody. in wisconsin, a levee flood waters are battering is expected to hold up. raging wisconsin river partially breached the 14 mile sand levee near portage. portage left one neighborhood cut off trapping people in 25 home. emergency officials inspected the levee this morning. they also said they expect to see water levels fall this afternoon. er he is no longer cuba's leader but fidel castro can rally a crowd. tens of thousands of supporters filled the streets to hear the 84-year-old castro speak. celebration marked 50th anniversary of committee for the defense of the revolution. illness forced castro to step down as cuba's leader four years ago. his brother leads communist nation. president obama is out campaigning for fellow democrats and he is focusing on
12:16 pm
getting support of young voters. air force one landed in albuquerque earlier today. where obama held a back yard meeting with voters. he said republicans will reverse the progress he has made on education reform and student aid. he will head to the university of wisconsin madison tonight. the president headlines rally there hoping to pump some enthusiasm to young supporters. obama will hold two more events tomorrow, one in iowa and the other in virginia. irdz won't be mailing your tax forms any more. last year only 11 million taxpayers filed federal returns returns that they got in the mail. everybody else filed electronically or hired professional tax preparers. for now on the irs says if you need your tax forms or instructions you need to download them from the irs website or visit one of their offices. a man in switzerland says his car navigation system nearly cost him his life. robert said he was lost and hoped his gps would guide him back on to a main road.
12:17 pm
instead, it took him on various twists and turns and eventually he ended up on a remote foot path with no room to turn around. there were no signs warning him that a peek was -- peak was ahead. rescue workers used a helicopter to lift a van and the man to safety. still ahead, we were going to talk with the coach about the new book and the current bear's team. >> that's right. '85 bears. the investigation also into a popular juice. find out why federal regulators are focusing on palm juice. and later in lunch break, how easy it is to be ecofriendly. we will show you some recipes that are good for the environment and your wallet. [ male announcer ] give yourself an edge.
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new one a day men's pro edge. a complete multivitamin with more magnesium to help support healthy muscle function. more b vitamins to help convert food to fuel. more confidence in a healthy you. new one a day men's pro edge.
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headlines. price of homes flow to grow. we learned home prices in 20 metropolitan cities rose 3.2% in july compared to a year ago. chicago not one of those cities that grew. the price of homes here did drop 1.7% compared to the same time last year. compared to the month before, home prices in chicago did rise 1%. weighing on things today, we also got a sense of how confident consumers are when we head into the biggest shopping season of the year. consumer confidence slumped it to the lowest level as people are more pessimistic about the labor market. let you know what? people are spending more at illinois based walgreens. the largest drugstore chain in the country said fourth quarter profit rose 7.8% thanks to those makeover you have been seeing at your local walgreens. it's helping sales of nonfarmsel can -- pharmaceutical products. lastly ben and jerry's dropping the all natural from the labels.
12:21 pm
no, it's not changing the recipe but according to the ap it is dropping the label after the center for science and the public interest said it shouldn't use the all natural label if products contain stuff like allized cocoa and hides in the oil. ben and jerry's don't want to battle over the meaning of all natural and the change will happen gradually. right now on wall street, we were seeing stocks fluctuate between gains and losses. right now consumers staple companies are rallying thanks to walgreens. a bell weather for u.s. retail and health care. of course that's offset a little by consumer confidence. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. now back to you. this thanksgiving make sure to save room for pumpkin pie. the shortage of pumpkin shortage is over. nestle provides much of the canned pumpkin used during the holiday season. they get their supply from
12:22 pm
illinois and they claim there is plenty of products this year. however, farmers aren't so sure about the crop. that's because we had such a wet weather. the farnls that had a lot of rain could see an increase in rotting pumpkins. we hope not. two words, dacoach. mike didca next with details about his new book about the super bowl champion 85 bears. and we will ask about last night's nail-biter coming up next.
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that year the nfl posted a 15-1 record en route to a decisive victory in super bowl
12:25 pm
xx. man who led them through that season the coach, mike ditka. has a new book out. '85 bears, we president greatest and joins us now. welcome. wonderful book. i have been thumbing through it. wonderful memories. i want to ask you about this current bears team and that nail-biter of a game last night. wouldn't you agree this is one of the more promising bears teams we have seen in quite awhile. >> i watched them for the last two weeks. i'm excited about what they are doing. every-- everybody is going to look at quarterback and talk about jay cutler but i'm excited about the way they are playing defense and i like what matt forte brings to the table. and young receivers are getting better and when you put hester back on kick return, nobody like that in the game. i mean, he exploded that game wide open. this is a good football team. say one thing, maybe people forget, we didn't blow people out of the game. we had to come back and wane couple games coming back from behind. you know, it's okay to play
12:26 pm
some tough games and some close games and get your confidence. right now what they have to do is keep believing in each other and what they are doing. i seen great improvement in cutler but i think he has to continue to improve. he is the leader of the football team and can't hang his head i don't care what he does wrong, get over it. you can't undo a mistake. you can go on to the next one and try to make it right. >> this city really holds this team under a microscope. and so it seems like fans need to calm down a little bit, too. if they lose next week's game, it's not the end of the world. >> message is the main thing is win your division. send a message within the division they are as good as anybody. there they will get a chance they have beaten two of the three team's minnesota will come to town they will get a chance. and that's where you start in your division. control your division and you a chance to win. you win your division and in
12:27 pm
the playoffs. not too complicated. >> interesting comparison you are drawing between the '85 berbears and current team. we started to see a real swagger kind of like early in the season. where did that come from? like personnels. >> i think a lot was confidence and media bought into everything. chicago immediate extra started it and then it was a national media and i think budhy a lot to do with it. buddy did a great job with our defense. and i don't know if he got all the credit he deserved but we will try to give it to him when we have this function on the fifth. he did a great job. they bought into everything he said. and they -- if you tried to do some of that stuff today it wouldn't work, they i/kwill spr you out and kill you. the only time it didn't work was miami spread us out and hurt us aá?jlittle but we shoul have won that football game. because what we did offensively. >> just getting older and older and further and further away.
12:28 pm
let's talk about the big figures of that team. quarterback jim mcmahon. talk about his problem with authority figures and your own problem with authority figures. can you expand more on that? >> well, i think jim did have a problem. him and i are good friends now. some of the best. i really have great respect and admiration. i had that as player for him. he didn't like authority. he didn't like it from his parents. didn't like to at byu or from me. he was a rebel. but he was that old movie rebel without a cause, i could never figure out what the cause was. i didn't know what he was mad about. >> we identify a little bit about with that. >> we have gone that road. and so there were times we would butt heads. but we only butted heads and then it was over and then we when on about doing the things right for the football team. >> you are a believer in heart and no player characterized that more than walter payton. tell me about that. >> well, walter payton, and people we have a tendency to put race, people we forget
12:29 pm
about them. he was -- people ask, i hate the word greatest. who was greatest this or that. i don't know there is the such thing. he was greatest football player i ever seen. that there might have been a better running back. sayers was awfully good. football player he was greatest for this reason. he was selfless. he didn't -- he gave of himself in every area. he was receiver, runner, caught the ball, threw the ball, he blocked. best blocker we had. him and matt together were terrific. when you look at what he was, but then take it off the field. and great husband. great father. and he was a great citizen in the sense that i watch his young kids today and they won't sign autographs. walter never said no. never said no. these kids today, i ain't got time for that. >> different generation. few facebook friends. one question, gyp wants to know when you will start circulating memorial petitions. thought about it? >> i will tell you, the ex- mayor did a great job.
12:30 pm
i don't know what we were in store for but he did a heck of a job. great city. >> people agree with you. what will happen after mayor daley. coach so good to see you. you look fantastic. >> you look great. >> i know what that means, that means old, thank you. >> no, you look wonderful. >> god bless you. >> coach has a book signing on wednesday october 13 at 7:00 p.m. at barnes and noble. orland park place in orland park. be there early. >> we have jim ramsey coming up next with the forecast. copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i can join the fun and games with my grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis,
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stors jim ramsey, the sun broke through this morning and it's a gorgeous day. tirning into a real surprise. we may see some 70s across the area. i'm sitting in the chair mike ditka sat in. i feel empowered. we have -- we've got time lapse pictures to show the clouds breaking up. and we in fact enjoyed a beautiful, beautiful mid- morning. you can see the clouds disappearing there. plenty of blue sky around the chicago area at the moment. and because we are having all that clear sky, look for temperatures to do some surprising things this afternoon. the forecast we've got gather is at 67. however, there is a lake breeze that will be strengthening during the afternoon and that could keep our temperatures a little bit cooler along chicago's lakefront. there is our current temperature as you can see where we are at 67 degrees. warm air still out to the west but it's going to take few days to get in here with real
12:34 pm
authority. look for highs tomorrow in the mid-70s. temperatures across the area at the moment. allison is right, a gorgeous, gorgeous day out there. dew point temperatures still not much moisture in the air. and as for the winds, we see a little bit of a lake breeze developing in a few spots. that lake water temperatures about 65 degrees so that will have an impact downtown. notice the cool air giving ground and then coming back. we are thinking over the weekend some of that dark blue area, that's temperatures in 940s and low 50s will in fact envelop the chicago area. it looks chilly out there for three days. once we get beyond it we should have a nice little surge of warm air but that's going to be followed by another chill down. this is the northeast and we are showing you this because is this is the most active weather in the country. this entire area of new york city, philadelphia, new jersey, connecticut, parts of massachusetts are under a tornado watch. they are keeping their eyes open for some big weather changes during the afternoon.
12:35 pm
could be some dangerous storms. and a brand-new tropical depression has formed in the gulf of mexico. it's the 16th tropical depression of the season. some of the forecast guidance suggest it will cross over cuba, perhaps feangting southern florida. there is a tropical storm watch in effect for parts of cuba as well as the florida keys and points north. here is our forecast. for the afternoon, skies across the area. well, it will be a few scattered clouds perhaps. high temperatures 66 to 70. for tonight low temperature. 45 to a and another chilly evening. cloud patches expected. winds are dying down just a bit. northwest at about 2 to 7. wednesday clouds, sun mix. gorgeous day. 72 to 76 degrees. i still think that's going to be the nicest day of the week. on thursday partly cloudy. winds increase and temperatures will drop at least ten degrees from wednesday's high. so expect highs at you see falling back a bit. over the next search days we could say another cold outbreak
12:36 pm
by the weekend. we will talk about that in the seven day. turn your heat on yet? >> no, not yet. >> i'm toughing it out. chilly in the morning. >> the weekend it will be on. here is our trivia question today. during the 1985 bears season, who was the backup quarterback that stepped in for jim mcmahon when he got hurt. was it steve fuller? mike fom glk or doug flutie. the answer still ahead on the wgn midday news. this is kate. when kate finishes her orange juice, she still won't have consumed all the vitamin c that's in one tablet of airborne. both are great for supporting your immune system. but each serving of airborne has a lot less calories. and, a fast-acting blend of... zinc, echinacea, and 14 other vitamins, minerals and herbs... including a blast of vitamin c. so if you to want help support your immune system,
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take airborne. or get your vitamin c the hard way, like kate. airborne. the easy way to help support your immune system.
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city is buzzing after their exciting win last night. defensive end julius peppers made his presence felt. special teams continue to come up big when devin hester
12:39 pm
returned a punt to give the bears the lead. packers tied the game at 17 and tried to orchestrate a winning drive. but brian urlacher forces a fumble. this set up a drive to a winning field goal for robbie gold with four seconds left. bears win 20-17 and are the only unbeaten team in their conference. devin hester and teammates commented about the his first touchdown return since 2007. it was a return that was called and we ran the return. and i have been pressing on it and making sure i really hit it hard this time. and don't second-guess myself and that's what i did. >> his, his. get him going again, it's been a little bit since devin has really been electric back there. to get him going again like that and get him feeling it and energized he brings a whole new dimension to a game. ozzie guillen will be back next season as if there was
12:40 pm
much doubt. he has met with kenny williams and jerry riens drve and told him how much he is wanded. last night sox hosting boston. not a great night for mark buehrle and the first david ortiz doubles in first runs. four runs over six innings surrendered by buehrle. alex rios fouls one off his knee. he left the game but x-rays were negative. sox lose 6-1. cubs and padres, scoreless in the seventh. blake dewitt scores and they get the lead. same score in the bottom of the ninth. two outs. bases loaded and carlos marmol gets nick hundred three fly out. cubs win a pitcher's duel, 1-0. carlos zambranoo gets the win. cubs play tonight at 9:00 right here on wgn. couple of notes. nfl is investigating a confrontation between green bay packers safety nick collins and a fan after last night's game. some video footage shows collins yelling at the fan as
12:41 pm
he left the field. now collins says that fan spit on him and used a racial slur. and some good news for the hawks, they assigned goalie chrisble hughie to a team in the national league so his monster salary will not count against the salary cap. (vet) 3q i love working with animals,
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[meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. and for the majority of patients with prescription coverage for nexium, it can cost $30 or less per month. headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain are possible side effects of nexium. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. ask your doctor if nexium can help relieve your heartburn symptoms. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. as we foal you earlier, former president jimmie carter has been hospitalized. according to the associate press, president carter was ilon a -- ill on a flight to
12:45 pm
cleveland. spoke person says he is being treated for an upset stomach. he was transferred to a metro health hospital in cleveland. he is said to be resting comfortably. the former president who was the 39th president of the united states was scheduled to do a book signing if ohio to promote his new book, 1-800- house diary. he will turn 86 on friday. on the medical watch, the federal trade commission files complaints against the makers of palm wonderful pomegranate juice. the ftc is accusing them of violating laws regarding truthful advertising. no scientific research for their claims. the juice mangers website says it has spent more than $35 million to back pomegranate based scientific research. the fda has approved a new contraceptive that contains a birth defect reducing vitamin. pill has a folic acid supplement and essential
12:46 pm
vitamin that prevents birth defects. it plans to market the pill as a safeguard against complications in case women do get pregnant while taking it. if you like to walk to keep fit, you in the right place. a new survey says chicago is one of the most walker friendly cities in america. the survey says chicago's path along lake michigan is easily accessible and connects variety of neighborhoods' chicago ranks number five on the walker friendly list. behind san francisco, boston, new york and philadelphia. one consumer safety group believes banning texting while driving may actually lead to an increase in road crashes. the insurance institute for highway safety says drivers try to evade police by lowering their phones when texting. this can increase the risk by taking their eyes even further from the road and for a longer period of time. they unveiled their findings at meeting of traffic safety professionals. it's expected to be highly
12:47 pm
contested. 30 states ban texting while driving. new documentary. waiting for superman. premiered in chicago last night. it follow as handful of students showing how the system hurt rather than helped them. the film's most controversial argument is that powerful unions are keeping incompetent teachers in schools. academy award winning davis guggenheim says the problem is widespread. >> it's shocking and it's not just that we are failing kids over there in the poor neighborhoods. we have failure in middle class neighborhoods in schools that we thought were good. it's now affects all of us. president obama also weighing in on the controversial. he says low performing teachers should be fired. a new book paints a unflattering picture of senior white house adviser david axelrod. in his book obama pfsz wars says general david petraeus dismissed axelrod as complete spin doctor and someone who looked at military decisions
12:48 pm
purely fapolitical context. petraeus reportedly told one of his senior aides he did not like talking with axelrod. woodward writes that president obama came into the job knowing much less about the military than any other major presidential candidate in years. it looks like apple's ipad will have competition. the maker of the blackberry showed off its new playback yesterday. it will have a 7-inch screen making it half the size of apple' ipad and weighs less coming in under a pound and unlike the ipad, the play book will have two cameras, one in front and one in back, set to launch next year. lunch break is next. we are making chopped autumn salad and ecofriendly recipe with myra goodman who is the author of the earthbound cook. stay with us. @ ó
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welcome back. it's time for lunch break. you are wondering where is allison. joining us now i myra goodman. author of the earth bound cook. hi, there. how you doing? >> hi. >> making autumn salad. i know about summer salads but autumn? >> we were featuring the favorite fruit of autumn. this salad, salads don't have to have lettuce. this has apples and pears. which are being harvested right now and they are at their peak of flavor. >> what kind of apples? >> these are red delicious but you can use any apple. so should ewe start? >> put me to work? >> sure. this salad combines the lettuce with the red cabbage. you will pour it right in there. dump the whole thing in. >> one, two, three, go! >> perfect.
12:52 pm
and what's nice is that this is beautiful and it's crunchy. and then we have pears. there are two cut pears. >> pears and apples. >> and then these are apples. you know, i am an organic farmer one of the items that are important to choose organric apples because apples tend to have pesticide residues. now one of my tricks is we make -- >> probably not going to buy organic. we will -- i try to. >> you know, even if you don't buy organic it's healthy if you buy one thing organ frk the salad i say choose the apples. >> is that right? >> they have more pesticide residue and organic food is grown without synthetic chemicals so it keeps them out of the soil, out of 9 air, out of your food. it's healthier. >> i believe in organic. >> and really easy way to -- really easy way to make it is to take a jar. this is an old jam jar. i have a little brown sugar and pour in olive oil. >> you make it so easy. >> such an easy way to do it.
12:53 pm
and apple cidar vinegar. and just a pinch of salt. pinch of salt. >> i think my hands are -- >> don't worry about that. >> and then what you do is put the lid on tight. >> this is pomegranate. >> and you shake this up. what's great is that then this becomes your dressing hold and you put it in the fridge for your extra dressing. we will shake this up and then i'm going to have you pour that half the dressing on the salad. >> too many people have to buy dressing. it's easy to make. >> did you see how easy that was to make it? the thing when you make your own dressing, you really have control over the ingredients you can use fine quality olive oil. you don't need artificial preservatives. and it's so easy. and a good dressing makes any salad delicious. you need fresh greens. we will put this on the plate to try. and then we will garnish it with some pomegranate seed. and that's really healthy with
12:54 pm
a lot of fiber. and then that's another fall fruit. pomegranate start to get harvested in september. i don't know if you want to -- >> that is mint. is that spearmint. >> ready to go? >> ready to taste. >> oh, yeah. one of the things is that it's expensive to eat organic and there are insex pnsive meals to make and is that barley risotto and barley is -- this is what barley looks like. and it's very high fiber and it actually has a lot of protein and very delicious. chewy, filling and makes it easety eat more vegetarian food and i love meat but vegetarian foods actually easier on the environment. and also protein in spinach. >> no! >> i was surprised to learn that. >> i didn't think anything green had protein. some things that are green have protein and this recipe has six
12:55 pm
whole cups of spinach. it's healthy. we will put that in. want to try to stir that up. so pop eye had it going with spinach. >> it has a lot of vineman a and fiber and a lot of iron. then we are adding a teaspoon of soy sauce and it takes awhile to wilt and then we will put a half a cup of parmesan. >> to wilt? we are waiting for the pinnish to wilt? >> we were waiting for it to wilt and it will be ready. four cups of mushrooms and this dish takes an hour to cook but it's quick. >> you have done most of the cooking. >> i did. i did. i started it. i started it before. so i want to taste that. >> it's so much. >> fork here. >> that's delicious. do you do any of the cooking? >> i do. i try to do a little bit. here we go.
12:56 pm
there are 250 recipes in my cookbook and different things to do and different ways to save water and resources. so that you can enjoy your food more knowing it was produced in ways that help to protect the environment. >> and sustainable, too. event tonight. dinner hosted by chicago gourmet product restaurant. 6:00to 8:00 p.m. thank you so much. for more information on today's recipes check out [ woman ] alright, so this tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. hi. we're ready to switch our car insurance to progressive. today just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us.
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oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends?
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it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. answer to our trivia question today. during the 1985 bears season, who was the backup quarterback for jim mcmahon when he was injured? was it steve fuller? mike tomczak or doug flute eesm the answer is steve fuller. flutie. they got me on that one. >> warm up later in the week? >> we got, yeah, a high pressure system coming over the area giving us more sun tomorrow. we are already up to 70 degrees now in some of the suburbs and temperatures at o'hare holding
12:59 pm
at 67. nothing on this radar satellite composite to bother us though it continues to be a little messy on the east coast. and look at that. the mold count low today in most categories. and very pleasing air out there. nice and fresh. seven-day forecast, no rain still in the next seven days. temperatures take a real dive as we head into the weekend overnight low temperatures could fall to the mid-30s. saturday night into sunday. but brief warm up beyond that and then more cold air coming in beyond that. that's the way it looks. >> you can turn the heat on. >> mid-30s? >> well, nothing i can do about that. we can get you a blanket. >> yikes. pour than a blanket. >> tom skilling's snugies. >> thank you for joining us. >> have a great afternoon. we are back at 5:00 and 9:00.

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